Welcome to Nattyology!

Hello and welcome!  I’m Natasha, a 40-something crafter and collector in Denver, Colorado. Most of my family calls me Tash, but Natty was my gangster name back in the day.  (By the way, is it gangster or gangsta?) 

Nattyology is a totally made up word.  I needed a place to peddle my words and wares.  And mostly, this is just a self-indulging experiment and way to channel my creative energy and twisted sense of humor.  Thank you for dropping by!

I’ve been revamping Goodwill treasures and creating unique character pieces in my home for years.

What’s with all the chairs?  I have no idea. I love a good chair.  But you can only have so many in your apartment.  I mean, at what point do you become a hoarder?  

Eventually, I started giving pieces away. (It still kills me to think that an ex-boyfriend got away with a gorgeous mid-century, two-drawer dresser.  Arrgh!  What was I thinking?!  One of my biggest furniture regrets…)

Looking back, I can see how my creative energy has ebbed and flowed through the years. Much like my dating life and failed attempts at fitness.  It’s actually kinda funny how my revamping obsessions have often coincided with health kicks, growing pains and dating disasters. 

Oh yes, the tales I will tell! Stick around long enough and I’ll be sure embellish a few far-too-personal stories. After all, this blog isn’t just about chalk paint and dirty jokes. (Okay, okay.  So maybe it is). 

Nattyology is an exciting new adventure for me.  In fact, this past year has been one hell of a crazy ride.  Not only did I launch a business, buy a house and rescue my sister from my parent’s basement, out of no where I met someone very special.  I finally met my lobster.  I never thought that would happen.  But you know what they say, true love finds you when you follow your passions and do what you love.  I believe it.  (He’s an artist too).

So anyway, this blog is not just about my crafty projects and silly, snarky dishes – although I hope you will get to know and love them too.  (And buy them.  If I can ever get my shit together).

It’s about my lifetime of quirks, kinks and dramatic self-discoveries.  It’s about wordplay and sharing laughter and silliness, as well as the dirty dark side.  It’s about appreciating something old and forgotten, and restoring its beauty and purpose.  It’s also about my faith and failures, wins and woes.  And all the loves in my life. 

So stick with me and play along as I get this thing going.  By the way, my IT Department sucks.  Oh, wait!  That’s me.  Is this thing on?

Ready?  Set.  GO!